“On a weekly basis, Wildwood monitors our social media and website for adequate reporting.  They seek out avenues for innovative marketing.  Tim utilizes a variety of tools to acquire information regarding the surrounding community and it’s demographics, while establishing a point of contact.  Wildwood is the primary contact for marketing implementation for SourceOne Credit Union.” – Dave Cogozzo, CEO, SourceOne Credit Union

Digital Marketing Dave“Everything we’ve done in regards to Internet Marketing & Social Media is rooted in efforts or initiatives Tim put in place YEARS ago – before it was all the rage, before the internet marketing buzz words drove every meeting. So, he not only gets “it” – he’s going to “get” the next big thing that comes along before most folks even know what is going on.” – Dave Huffman, Digital Marketing Manager | Traffic + Conversion

“Tim responded to our needs and understood Non-Profit Organizations branding and what to relay to the community through our media sources. He is responsive, is an out of the box thinker and community minded.” – Debbie DeGraw, VP Marketing & PR, Home of the Sparrow

“I have had the pleasure to work with Tim since 2006. He is well known throughout our industry for both his marketing and admission expertise. He has always been very supportive of my marketing efforts to grow. He is quick to recognize marketing trends and utilizes his knowledge of the industry to stay that one step ahead of his competitors. I am sure that these sentiments are shared by all that know and work with Tim. – Mark Panicali, Director of Business Development, Shawmut Communications Group.

“Just wanted to say how much I appreciated your great advice and insight into the next steps to get Samaritan Counseling Center greater visibility, more enthusiastic supporters and consequently better funding.  I am energized about getting the website ramped up, and excited to branch out in other avenues like YouTube.

You’re a gem, and I’m thrilled to be able to benefit from your wisdom and glad to give you props on our site!” Rev. Jeanne Hanson, Executive Director

“You initiated a self exploration – in the birth of our company.  Making us really think about more in depth – who we were – the philosophy, the process you took us through, and the questions – the philosophy behind it that created the logo and the company and the process. Took it to a level of intimacy that really worked.” – enRich Private Wealth Management

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